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Dr. Ed Calle Presents Mamblue has earned a 2015 Best Instrumental Album Latin Grammy® Nomination

Miami Herald Profile (web) (PDF)

El Nuevo Herald (web) (PDF)

Miami Herald Profile Letter to the Editor (web) (PDF)


“To classify this music as Latin Jazz is like saying the Parthenon is Greek Architecture. It's true, but ignores the scope, dimension, and brilliance of the artifact. There is no dead air in the arrangements, no sitting around waiting to get to the good parts. Calle is in the top tier of saxophonist.”

- KUCI, Irvine, CA


"Stunning big band music. This is a musical work of art. The sound is big and phat. It definitely showcases all the
musical participants. I give it my own 100%, all the tracks are great! You should have it in your collection."

- KVMR, Nevada City, NV


“This is one of the most consistently pleasing albums I've heard in a long time. Every one of its couple dozen or so cuts is a winner. With Dr. Ed Calle’s hand-picked big band of outstanding musicians and soloists, it's not hard to think of Dr. Calle as the Duke Ellington of Latin Jazz.”

- WQLN, Erie, PA


"Likely the most versatile saxophonist on the planet." - Michael Brecker (with fans @Blue Note Jazz Club NYC) |

"We call Calle - the Monster." - Arturo Sandoval |

"One of the very few keeping the flame alive." - Randy Brecker |
"You're that kid playing against the wall. Kid, you still sound great." - Dizzy Gillespie (NYC-Flight to Freedom rec.) |

"They tell me you're studying math. Very few people play the saxophone like you do. Do us all a favor and play the saxophone." - Chick Corea (NYC at Flight to Freedom session) |
"Ed Calle has virtually flawless technique, outstanding control, and a bottomless bag of tricks in the studio." - Skip Spratt (The Saxophone Journal July/August 2001, Vol. 25, No. 6)

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